Monday, May 15, 2006

The Gemini Ritual - Video Mix for Heroine [Suicide]

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Although the Gemini Ritual name is not new to me, I do not seem to have reviewed them in the past, so maybe I've just seen a lot of them on MP3 Unsigned's forums. Don't know too much about them other than they have created a deal of interest on that site, but as we know, that doesn't always signify what the music may be like. Industrial isn't really an area I dabble around in much, I must admit but it is an area I have enjoyed in the past - provided that it makes musical sense anyway. Tell you one thing that struck me straight away about the band though, as I was downloading the track, they have a great image - all very Cure Goth types....

Nice ;)

Be aware, however, there are several versions of this on the site, ranging from Heroin to Heroine and why that is, is anybody's guess. Described as 'moody, hard edged industrial rock', I must admit I didn't find it a harsh listen - as a lot of industrial tracks. Matter of fact, there is a studied classic rock feel to the track, which is a laid back, semi piano ballad with a smattering of kerrang that fits the subject matter well. This can apply equally to the drug OR a female icon (Superwoman anyone?), and is extremely well done. Well, a couple of niggles but nothing really out there, and it is best if you read the lyrics as it explains a lot. It's also surprisingly listenable; a coherent, well structured track that makes its point elegantly and with some style. The use of strings, in particular is highly effective.

There is a definite Cure feel to the track, especially in the more powerful lead out which has a terrific guitar sound underpinning it. For my part, I would have liked to have the piano a little more defined. To my ears it sounded a little flat in the mix, but this is a minor niggle, as is the kinda odd (but it does work) drum arrangement in the first verse (last two stanzas) and part of the chorus. Nonetheless, both of those niggles are a personal thing and are what I would have liked to hear. What I did get to hear was plenty good enough showing Heroine to be a powerful, gripping SONG that works on all the right moves, and one I am likely to be hanging onto. It whetted my appetite enough to go and have a listen to Heroin...again (a very cool rock track that is different again to the track I have just reviewed. The Heroin [lifeless] track is - I presume - the original and shows how far the song has developed. All, btw, are very worthy of a listen and I'll be on the lookout for more from this artist.

Highly Recommended

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Steve Kinghorn said...

Hi Steve,
Steve from Ditheramb here.
Just thought I'd pop by and and say what a great job your doing with the reviews.
I realy do like this track and think that you have picked out the relevent parts to be addressed.
The one thing that dose confuse me with this band is the image(I know we're discusing the music but) I got this whole impression of the band , like yourself) as a goth, or cure type of thing, but when i visited their site, found them to look nothing like this. Its funny how you can set up a certain persona. They look like metal heads to me. But a great track this is, and a great review.
Talk later