Friday, March 10, 2006

V Dogg/Worlds Apart - Freaky Young Tenders

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Anyone who has honestly tried to review other peoples work will know just how difficult this can be. I'm not talking about you telling your mates how wonderful they are - and by extension getting them to return the favour. I'm talking about being totally honest about what you feel, whether they are your mates or not. I've been talking to a couple of people just lately about this and we have been comparing notes about just how bad it makes US (the reviewer) feel to put someone's work down. Even more so when that person happens to be a friend or - in a case or two from my own experience - someone who you feel has potential but hasn't quite realised how to bring it out yet. Then there are the reviews that make people want to give up, no matter how talented they are. V Dogg and I have had one of those situations occur, and I for one am glad that he has decided to soldier on, despite what I've had to say about his work in the past. IMHO, what doesn't kill us will only make us better right?

Dogg is, obviously, looking well skeptical at this stage :D

So let me get the tension out of the way, this is a storming track and no mistake. I've never heard Dogg sound any better and the backing track is banging... That's B-A-N-G-I-N-G. Mind you, I gotta put me hand up and say that I've always liked the work of one Dave Meredith aka Mezzer aka Worlds Apart Productions aka Uncle Tom fekkin Cobley and all... Ever since I first met him (years ago now) I've liked his musical taste and it was a big surprise to me that Dave finally settled on the hip hop/RnB groove he has become so masterful at. Beautifully understated and precise rhythms pump this track up in a totally professional production that screams radio play, all topped off by a rap track that literally jumps down your throat. Definitely, soundwise, this is the real deal - as good a rap track as you ever likely to hear.

I've had my groans about the Dogg's style in the past, but on this outing, I can't find anything that wasn't right up to the mark and then some. Well, there IS a kinda niggle but it doesn't have anything to do with performance or production, as you'll see when we get to the end of the review. Nope it's more to do with a small puzzle the Dogg left in his wake. See, this track features two vocalists, the Dogg and someone called Ol' Blue. Well slap me in a dress and call me Sally because I cannot - for the life of me - discern the difference between the dog and the blue. Take, for example, the incredibly catchy chorus which is supposedly shared between Dogg (first four lines) and Blue (last four lines), although there IS a slight tonal difference definitely sound like the same vocalist. Hey there again who gives a toss - all academic anyway because this track is top hip hop. Dirty version/Clean versions are available (cos it's a track about some naughty girls)...


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