Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Skeezy K - F*** The Club

Hear The Track Here

Although Hardcore Rap isn't normally something I like to wallow in of an evening when I see Skeezy mention both Beat Takeshi and weed on the same page, how can I refuse someone with such good taste? Although I guess the term 'hardcore' will apply to the liberal amounts of profanity dotted around both this artists aural works and his titles (see the above example). Not that I have anything against fekkin swearing, although I'd never do it myself... (yeah riiiight), I DO have a problem with this whole n***** and bitches thing. Especially if you happen to be anything other than an African American, it just feels too silly, ya know what I mean?

Not that the track gives you the impression that this is the case, in it's way it carries an air of authority that carries the whole f***, n****** and b****** laden thing extremely well. To be sure, I was surprised at a)how good the musical track was and b)how professional it's mix and production were. Part of that isn't then Skeezy, but someone called Rockit Productions and very tasty it is too. If Skeezy is the rapper, which is the assumption, then he carries off the track with a remarkable ease both with the intensely vibrant rap and - more seriously - it's authority. See, for this stuff to work properly for round eyed gaijin like me, it has to carry an unmistakable 'this is my life so f*** you' feel about it and be an illustration of that life. F*** The Club is all that and an extra added ingredient...it's as funny as f***.

Especially if you happen to know the 'club' scene. The ending section of this track is priceless, moreso if your sole, avowed intention in life is to get into the VIP section of your local fleapit. Again, I curse the rappers prediliction for NOT posting lyrics because from what I can make out, this is a great rap flow and one I could have done with understanding its lyricism better and looking at the words help that process. Nonetheless, this is a prime peice of the genre provided that the profanity doesn't f*** you off too much. If it doesn't bother you, you will lap up this bad boy like a cat after cream.

Recommended, terrific rap with some very funny lines...

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