Saturday, March 25, 2006

HELLbus - Lift

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Charles Dickens wrote a book all about people like me. The words 'tight', 'fisted' and 'mean' are casually thrown around in my presence, along with some choice swear words indicating a fascination with fornicating with various objects. I prefer the term thrifty myself, prudent even. After all, I ALWAYS wait until the moths are dead before opening my wallet. Anyway, the reason I'm banging your aural bits about money is that my first experience of HELLbus revolved around money. Specifically the wodge of wonga required to own the delights of a track called Table Fate (January 2006). It had the dubious honour of being the first Soundclick track I had reviewed that people had to pay (99c) to own. I was itching to unload a diatribe of lengendary proportions on some unsuspecting rube who had tried to foist a musical abortion on us unsuspecting victims. As it happened, I never got the chance. Table Fate is a devastatingly good track, and worth every penny of those 99 Red Balloons.

No, hold on, that's not right is it?

No such shenanigans with this track as you can see by the download link and I strongly urge you to do that and clutch this little beauty to your bosom. The thing that most impressed me about Table Fate was the sheer production and arranging skills and that same quality permeates Lift. This is an artist who takes great pains to make everything just so, then allies that with great songwriting nous to come up with songs that are interesting, different and very, very refreshing. Lift is that rare thing, a wordy song and the music fits that stream of conciousness feel beautifully. Considering the lyrical overload, you'd imagine the track would go like the clappers to fit them all in. However, it's one of those lazy bastard tracks that sounds as if its just got out of bed, and only when the chorus kicks in does the whole thing take off. HELLbus have blown my ears off twice in a row now and with the same tools every time.

There are a few electronica artists around Soundclick who surprisingly enough have a highly developed pop sensibility (Adam Fielding is one who springs immediately to mind, melv is another) and HELLbus show all the hallmarks of that trait. There is an epic, large scale approach to this track so - outside of the chorus - don't expect to crack it straight away. It's a track that will take time to work its wonders on you, but I have no doubt it will do that. Skill is one thing, talent is another. Most musicians have one or the other but HELLbus has bags of both. Just take a listen to the opening few bars of this track, once you get pounded by that beginning, it's a sure bet that you'll make it to the chorus and believe me no-one is gonna survive that chorus. Absolutely as good as anything I've heard on SC or anywhere else; HELLbus has made a significant impact on me in the space of two tracks, all gained because of a mind boggling combination of talent and musical artistry.

Modern Pop in the finest tradition. I defy anyone to resist this chorus. MUST HAVE.

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