Sunday, March 26, 2006

To Whom It May Concern - Pop My Words With Your Teeth

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As I explained when I was reviewing Like Killing Two Birds With One WMD (February 2006), To Whom It May Concern is a difficult artist to pin down. Although he essentially cavorts in the 'experimental' sector there is a lot more to this artist than the usual mish-mash that masquerades as that genre. He hasn't, at this point, delivered a track that I feel is worthy of his reach but - as I've also said before - I just think that is a question of time. Certainly as far as ideas go the guy has truckloads, some that work and some that don't but always something of interest...

Pop My Words is as different from what came before as to make you wonder what exactly this guy DOESN'T do. From high school bands through indie/alternative out to the wilder reaches of experimental, nothing seems beyond him. In tone though, Pop My Words could be a logical offshoot of the lo-fi V (October 2005) than anything else I have heard from him. Therefore, it's a safe bet to say if you like the whole Big Ship approach to acoustic music making then you will probably latch onto this track pretty quick. I think this track is more poppy than Big Ship and certainly this song sounds as commercial as anything in the genre, if a little rough and ready.

Again though, giving a track a little time to settle in your brain brings other things to the fore. It wasn't until I had played this track a considerable amount of times that I noticed how musically proficient it was. That's definitely a fault of the lo-budget production and mix, and also a bit of excitement on the musicians part - they do tend to rip into it with fearsome abandon. Nonetheless, it does show that Brandon McNeil (aka TWIMC) can consistently do the business - even if everything he does is completely different from everything else he does. If you know what I mean? No hold on, do I know what I mean? Pop My Words is a class song encased in a rough as a bears bum production that you will either 'get' or not. Me, I likee, I keepee...

Recommended (for the song and lyrics)

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