Sunday, March 19, 2006

Incidental Fusion - Soon

Hear The Track Here

I feel like I've known this artist forever and I've built up a fair library of her work over the years. Although I haven't always latched on to everything she's done, she has - as they say - a track record. She's been quiet over the last year for various reasons so it's nice to see a new track from her. As a mentioned up-and-coming SC artist in my year end awards of 2004, her inactivity during 2005 was noticeable although I kinda liked Sometimes Sad (October 2005) but I'm not much of a fan of electronic ambient so it passed me by... I've watched this artist come from a standing start using an 'instant music' program, go on to make all her own music AND samples making artful, sophisticated music that always delivers impact regardless of the genre she is in. As I say, electronic ambient, isn't my fave rave...

Soon had no intention of falling into the same routine and loaded the trap down with a couple of things I have nothing but admiration for. The first is a piano line to die for, rendered with distinction with one of the best Rhodes sounds I ever heard (which probably means it's not a Rhodes at all). It's one of those chord progressions must of us WISH we'd written, and considering this is the bedrock of the track it never wears out its welcome. The rest of the track shimmers with understated percussion, tasteful little drum rolls that fill out what is essentially a sparse track instrumentally. However, filling up the background with all kinds of aural flora and fauna does not a knockout track deliver, does it?? Make no mistake, this IS a knockout track just on the basis of the music I've just described.

That is when the knockout punch is delivered because Soon is a song; lyrics, vocals, da woiks... More to the point the vocalist is none other than our Nicci (aka Incidental Fusion). My how she's grown up. Don't we all feel like proud parents now :D She has a high, very feminine voice that suits the languid, unrushed vocal delivery and I can't really think of anybody she sounds like. It's often surprising when an artist who you think you know goes and does something completely out of the ordinary, and Incidental Fusion has done something very, very out of the ordinary. What she has done is given us is a dynamite song that I think will grow on me more and more as I learn to live with it. Certainly a definite high spot in this artists 'career' and an extremely listenable musical experience for you. Top Tune.

Must Have (yyyyyaaaayyyyy Nicci!!!!)

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