Friday, March 24, 2006

H Project - Nocturnal Highways

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I know I am a pain in the butt but am I the only person in the world who gets the cold shivers when I see the words electronica and mellow in the same sentence? H Project is a new name to me, an electronic artist from the beautiful capital of Ireland, Dublin itself which goes some way towards helping to dissapate those same cold shivers I was talking about earlier. Dublin is a charming city, full of life and energy and a long established reputation (deservedly) of being a music city of some considerable renown.

So, what does H Project bring to that image then???

Well, a track that isn't exactly as mellow as some I have come across for a good start. Structurally, Nocturnal Highways isn't anything special to write home about - it's the kind of track you have heard a few million times by now. Especially if electronica is your favourite food of choice. To be sure there is a worthwhile rhythm and pace to the track that makes it listenable but - even after more than a few plays - there really isn't anything that sticks out of the track screaming 'keep me!! keep me'. So I won't ;P Nonetheless, there isn't anything here that is what you could call out of place, in fact it's a very neat, clean track in lost respects.

Almost doesn't quite cut it in my books though and I'd want to hear a lot more originality and style to really get me hopping about. While it's true that I do hear a great deal of this kind of material there really aren't that many artists who make it an interesting experience - and even less who can make it a SEVEN minute one. However, there is enough potential in this track both technically and performance that would make me want to listen to more from this artist. After all, just because I didn't particularly get close to this track, he has enough going on and shows some decent musical chops that I feel he would be well worth checking out more. Even more so if the mellower side of electronica is what floats your musical boats. Be aware though, that the ending is sharp enough to cut your head off...

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