Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mosquito Death Squadron - Baby Teeth Live

Hear The Track Here

Having been bitten by these pesky critters before, I now know better than to just go diving into a cloud of them as I did in my first encounter. See, one of the active ingredients of MDS is the viral being most of us know as Pilesar, and that's always something best taken in moderation. Given it's mind warping capabilities, you understand. Earth Sound Revisited (December 2004) was exactly what it's title suggests; sounds of Earth given that the Earth is an electronic madhouse and populated with certifiable arual manics (with or without white lab coats). Here is what I wrote to describe that track 'nothing quite prepared me for the nigh on nine minutes of test tones, random musical slashes, endless audio loops and other assorted weirdnesses that infest this track'

Yeah, you can fekkin gulp but I think we are prepared now...

So the REAL scary part of this sorry tale was that I actually ended up almost liking the damn thing. How weird is that? Nonetheless, I believe it was the active ingredient (Pilesar) wot done it. Almost everything this geezer gets on with is either a) painful, b)uplifting or; c) a combination of both. Pilesar is - of course - only one quarter of this form of life. There's also fellow Mandible mate Spencer, along with the cutely named Drob and Corpsefinger. Damn, this gets scarier the more I write doesn't it? Baby Teeth Live was recorded in Baltimore, MD and for a live recording it ain't too bad at all. Everything is as clear as a bell and the power of the performance is not lost which is just as well because the whole draw of this track IS the power of the performance.

For sure, you won't get much musical sense out of this track, unless you like looking at things upside down and sideways. What you will get is severe whiplash at the speed it attains, a slight ringing in the ears from the aural abuse and a new understanding of why I write the way I do. See, I LIKE this stuff. Really!! Coming from the grand traditions set by Grandmaster Frank (Zappa), bands like Mosquito Death Squadron are a logical offspring so if you like music from the far side, you will love this. If you want to hear a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer kicking seven kinds of crap out of their instruments, look no further. If you want something cute and cuddly, for God's sake look elsewhere while you still have a brain to see with. Funnily enough Baby Teeth Live completely rocks, ya know what I mean?.

Not for the foolhardy but Recommended for all that...

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