Friday, March 17, 2006

Apesoundscapes - Out Of The Cold

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I first encountered Carl Best (aka Apesoundscapes) when I reviewed JD (July 2005) and recommended it's great 1980's electro-pop feel; electronica with a vocal that meant something. Now there's a thought eh? I mentioned at the time that this track reminded me of the work of Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark and as time as gone on I see nothing to change that view. Face Shaped Hole (November 2005) only reinforced and amplified how different Apesoundscapes whole approach to the genre was. Here was a track with great music (if extremely lo-fi in sound) that definitely stretched the envelope, as well as being great fun to listen to.

So, over the space of three short tracks, Apesoundscapes has definitely marched ahead in my estimation although when I first heard Out Of The Cold my initial reaction was 'uh oh'. More especially since Carl states quite emphatically in the song comments that this is 'the best tune I have done imo'. Doncha just hate it when that happens? It took me a while before Out Of The Cold started to make sense to me, and when it did all I could do was to cast it in the same mould of fellow Soundclick musician, melv. There's an epic, grand scale theme to Cold both lyrically and musically although the musical side of it will undoubtedly cause you a bit of trouble. After all, music isn't supposed to do this is it?

'It' being manically, majestically musically insane; a great big wodge of seemingly unrelated sounds that don't sound like they fit together AT ALL. Then, after a couple of plays you start to notice that despite it not working together, this is a surprisingly coherent and powerful track. Definitely heading towards experimental though so if'n ya get a bit seasick, best to stay off this deck. If you love music that is baffling, exhilarating, innovative and anthemic, this is something you've waited a lifetime to hear. Although I couldn't put my hand on my heart and state that this is ApeSS's best track yet, it's by far his most ambitious and boooyyy does it pay off. OK, so you might have to work at it a bit to finally get to the good bits but beleive me it is so worth it. You won't hear much like this around, and that's for sure. Fekkin top tune and no mistake.

MUST HAVE (for musical approach if nothing else)

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