Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drive In Saturday - Holland

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Beneath the fairly bog standard name lies a familiar face, especially if you are a regular reader of these reviews. Jonti Daniels (for it is he) and I have crossed paths (and scalpels) a few times over the past year or so. I first became aware of this artist in early 2004 when I reviewed a track of his that I - pretty much anyway - had to trash to within an inch of its life. Not because of what Jonti was doing on it, but because of the bloody awful way it was recorded. For a while back there, Jonti and I went back and forth over a couple more tracks but I still couldn't see as much as maybe I should have/could have. Not sure what the name change is all about but I am damn certain it has nothing whatsever to do with my opinion so....

I've quite liked Jonti's style (he's primarily a guitarist) but he has been dogged IMO by the same problem track after track including - I'm afraid - this one. The good news is that a great many things HAVE improved, and for that I am truly grateful because it means I don't have to be a right bastard all over again with this new project of his. Of the things I did like about this track, I have to say that its pace - more than anything else - was the thing I found most endearing. I also appreciated the sub-Syd Barrett treatment of the vocals which are some of the laziest I have ever heard - and I've heard a few thousand bone idle vocalists by now...

Despite some sound oddities, the overall track stands up well and if you are a fan of this whole lo-fi, lo-tech approach to making music this is definitely worth listening to. There's a bit of clipping you should get used to of you do, as well as some definite distortion. Under that, however, is a halfway decent song trying to get a breath of life. Certainly one of the most coherent of this artists output I certainly have no qualms about saying you should get a listen to this, despite the above moans. Four minutes of tasty surprises isn't bad going in my books.

Recommended (in a lo-fi kinda way)

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