Friday, March 10, 2006

CJ Freq-X - Lockdown (The Oriental Oddessy Mix)

Hear The Track Here

For me, this guy is one of the foremost electronica musicians I've found in the last year, well established up there with some of Soundclick's best. Discounting the theory, of course, expounded in the forums lately about there being nothing of interest on this site at all. I laugh. Ha ha ha ha. Such fools. Take a listen to this and then come back and argue the merits of the case. For me, as many of you know, there has to be a certain level of musical and technical competence going on for me to really start paying serious attention and Freq has got my attention from his very first track. Here's a musician that - regardless of genre - always delivers some very fine music.

Certainly Lock Down exhibits all the qualities I have come to expect from this very talented Indian artist; tight, precise arrangements with more zip than you can shake a stick at, and a sound sensibility when it comes to instrument selection and use. A remix of an original Rude Corps track, the Oriental Oddessy is soooo what this artist always brings the the party. The original track is a hard-edged slice of electronica depicting the 'state of seige' feeling that certain police actions evoke in sectors of the population. The term 'lock down' is used mainly in a prison/crowd control situation where a situation needs to be contained ie you look suspicious so you're nicked. As such it's a terrific track (in a kinda Rebirth'y way) and one I found of much value and - had I reviewed it - would have treated it most kindly.

However, knowing CJ Freq-X, I know what he has done with this because it has his stamp all over it, turning it from a fairly likeable peice of electronica into a world spanning peice of music that breathes authority, presence and power. I heartily recommend that you listen to BOTH these tracks (the original and remix) so you can understand just what CJ does that gets me so gushy... The immediate impact of CJ's version is a horizon expansion in sound quality and - given time to get to the real meat and potatoes - a track that fairly bristles with wonderful sights and sounds. All the time, keeping the essential track intact at it's very heart. I'm willing to bet that Rude Corps was absolutely floored when he heard what had happened to his baby. Something very wonderful, even. Either track I would have no hesitation in recommending but only CJ Freq-X can do what he does so well and get a...


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