Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tedd-Z - Abstract Abuse

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Nothing like jumping in at the deep end I say, so let me state quite categorically that Tedd-Z hasn't always chimed with me. Fact is, there are as many tracks that I have disliked as there are I've liked. Not that is any reflection of this artists abilities, more a question of personal taste. See a guy like Tedd-Z is always going to be difficult to get close to, he admits that he doesn't make it easy. His music is an uneasy mix of fairly common or garden techno and a ruthless experimental streak. There again, full marks for wanting to be yourself and not just another techno clone (the writer checks to make sure he wrote 'clone' and not 'clown' because he doesn't want to piss anybody off).


Now I know I have an hair up my ass about techno weenies but I can't help my likes and dislikes any more than the next man, I likes what I likes ya know? Anyway, at least I know that by listening to Tedd-Z's skewed vision of techno that I will not be bored because he's far enough along the line to know what needs to be done. That much is evident with just one play of this - I can't believe I am going to write this - amazingly likeable track. OK, so it's not exactly gripping, dramatic stuff but there is enough going on, especially if you listen closely, that it will sustain your interest even if - like me - this isn't normally your listening pleasure of choice. There are parts, even, that are very satisfying like - for example - the lead synth, both in tone and it's application. Shows that, along the years, Tedd-Z has grown into a very competent producer and musician whatever your feelings are about individual tracks.

Although it's an essentially bare ass instrumental (complete with typical tsk tsk hi hats and 4 to the floor kickdrum) it somehow manages to keep your attention by adding textures and effects to the general stew rather than any musical progressions. Where it scores highest with me is in those textures and sounds. There's no doubt that this artist has a definite taste for the more bizarro sounds and Abstract Abuse is brimming with such oddities. Edgy electro nonsense indeed. It zaps along like its ass were on fire, and considering it doesn't go anywhere or do anything there's more than enough energy to spare. In that respect, I think this will please a lot of people although I fear the initial rush won't survive that many plays.

Hi energy techno outing that shows Tedd-Z to perfection.

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