Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One For The Vine - Far Beyond The Plains

Hear The Track Here

Yesh pleashh, don' min' 'f I do....(hic)

Not anything to do with liquid refreshment of course, the title of this artist comes from an old Genesis track which should be setting your prog rock siren warning off quite nicely by now. Mind you, judging by the list on his SC page this guy has more kit than God so I suppose I'd better play nice so that he invites me round to his house. Then I'll nick acouple of bits - he won't notice. Most of you know by now that my almost constant barracking of artists such as Sylvan & Bonamici (who started in the same manner but became soooo much more) and Theilus Grenon (ditto) know that I have a very low prog rock threshold. In fact I think it would be true to say no threshold whatsoever. Nonetheless I have found in both these artists that I did like so if I can do it with them I can do it with OFTV right?

Don't look so nervous OK? It'll frighten 'em off...

Within the first few bars of the track I felt my hair tightening into a mullet and my oh so elegant jeans metamorphosing into flares - much to my horror. I did used to like a band called Caravan back in the day and - at first - the opening section of this track reminded me most strongly of this outfit. Quickly followed by Camel so I discounted that idea because it was becoming all a bit too 1001 Arabian Nights for my tastes. Funnily enough there are MILLIONS (count 'em) of musical throwbacks in this quite excellent track from the aforementioned buncha beardies (Genesis to the follically challenged) through Yes, ELP (and forerunner The Nice) and - even to my most jaded ears, this track captured the look, feel and smell perfectly.

See one of the reasons for my antipathy towards this genre is that I overdosed on it the first time around and am not likely to make the same mistake twice. After all, it is music that takes itself a bit too seriously, ya know what I mean? Nonetheless, when it is delivered with the dexterity, arranging nous and production know how of Far Beyond The Plains, I find it easy to slip back into that shabby old greatcoat that saw me through the 1970's. All I'd like to hear now is someone who can accurately reproduce my favourite precursor of this genre: Soft Machine. Now that would make me a very happy bunny. In the meantime, however, this track will definitely do for the time being. A very worthwhile track - even if like me you cannot stand the whole flares and ridiculous posturing that accompanies it. Music is music, right?

Recommended (even if the genre gives you the heaves...)

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