Sunday, March 12, 2006

Slippy T - Dirty Nasty

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The more you know about an artist, the less surprised by them you are. You become sure of their style, their way of doing things and you begin to expect it. Not so with some artists however, and those are the ones - in my mind - who have the longevity to see that they are forever evolving their style - no matter what their physical age. Take Rob Taylor (aka Slippy T) for an obvious example. Here is a guy who I have known for well over four years both as a musician and as a person. Sure, he will always SOUND like Slippy because he can't change his voice - and with a voice like his, why the hell would you? Where Slippy constantly surprises is in his choice of musical styles, and his interpretation therein.

That applies to the endless collaborations he is constantly throwing up as well as his own original material. There's no doubt in my mind that his vocal style has changed remarkably over the years from the earlier smoothly rounded tones to todays angry, almost lo-fi sound to his vocal delivery. I've noticed this over the last couple of his tracks in particular; there's a much harder edge to the proceedings - as I say almost and angry sound. Slippy's vocals have always been fairly expressive (it's one of his main draws IMHO) but this newer version crackles with it, and it shows in the denser, less controlled way his music has been tailored to fit this mood.

Yeah, yeah Mr Psychoanalyst, but did ya like it?? Didja?? Didja???

Watch these lips: See, although I've always liked Rob's work, I've not always been happy with the musical bedrock it was attached to. For me it was all a bit too smooth, a bit too restrained. No longer, Slippy dipped into his personal Pandora's box and let loose his own demons, and tracks like Dirty Nasty exemplify this new look at a familiar face. Lyrically and musically, there is more power per square inch of this track than most musicians can manage over whole albums - and a little bit of everything for everybody. Even a little dub style for fans like me who can't seem to get out of that groove. Although it's a bit on the long side (just over seven minutes) Dirty Nasty is another milestone in the musical oddessy Rob has been on ever since I met him all that time ago. As always I understand that Slippy IS an acquired taste, but that's never been a bar to someone's creative ability I find. Mind you, I'm not totally convinced that this particular vocal mix is 'it', if ya know what I mean.

Class act though, but for sure some people wouldn't 'get' it...

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