Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thielus Grenon - Piano Composition 7

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Before ya ask, I have no idea what happened to the other six, so let's not go there.

Seeing as we are on the subject, pianos are not something I would normally associate with this artist. I always thought he was a axeman. Not, obviously in the 'here's Johhny' axeman routine but in the Guitar God way which - as we know - is infinitely less stressful than maniacal bloodlust. There again, maybe not. After a brief absence, Thielus returned to Soundclick in fine form last month, earning himself his first Must Have rating from me. Mind you, Land More Distant definitely earned it, a track more laden with goodies you would be hard pressed to find.

It wasn't always the case with this artist because when I first came across him (2003-4) he was heavily into the whole progressive rock thing and probably tired very quickly of my attempts to label him as a Yes Man through and through. Land More Distant dispelled all those scurrilous rumours and, although heavy on the technical ability, still made a very entertaining and listenable tune. Weighing in at a negligible 1:46 this isn't going to impinge on anyone's time overly much, and technically (sheer playing ability and knowledge of their musical genre) this is priceless, a peice full of effortless runs, well arranged chord structures and anything else you might look for in a work of quality - more especially so if the track borders on the classical world.

Although the song comments state that this is a 'performance of the seventh of my piano compositions' don't be misled by the wildly cheering crowd - t'ain't real. Or at least I don't think so, chiefly because it sounds more like a rock crowd than classical and because it does end abruptly. It does, however, bookend this very enjoyable peice well enough that it doesn't sound that odd or out of place; and anyway it's the music in the middle that ultimately counts. As a strict piano piece it's well worth the listen. Played powerfully and with great dexterity, this is a piano peice worthy of the name. Put it like this, it augurs well for the previous six compositions, unless they were all just trials for this peice - which I suspect may well be the case. Whatever, if you love beautiful playing, this'll do it for you. Excellent.

Highly Recommended.

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