Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Krill Banks Conspiracy - Pretty Frogging Rude

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I approached this track with considerable apprehension as anyone who knows the history between me and this artist will understand. Having given them one of the worst reviews I have ever given anybody (Another War Song - June 2005), they then turned a very bad experience around and turned the whole review into a track SG Reviews KBC which I must admit I found funny as hell and a classic illustration of making a silk purse out of a sows ear. There again when you are talking about a duo who (and I quote) 'do things we think of and things we want to do.. when we want to do them', you gotta expect the unexpected. My major problem with KBC (just to refresh all those almost healed wounds) were that - given the experience of the guys - their music was not up to much, although lyrically they can turn heads but if the music plods and falters to an alarming degree I can't see how that would help much.

Sooooo, almost a year later, and where are we??

Well the first thing that is obvious is that they seem to have licked the recording thingie because no matter what you think about the content (and believe me it is BEST not to think about the content) the sound is clean, clear and extremely well done. Pretty Frogging Rude is essentially a rock song in format (guitars, drums etc) delivered in a time honoured fashion but - to be blunt - it will be something you have heard a million times before. What you will NOT have heard before is the way that John Krill attacks the lyrical subject matter. See the funny thing is that John is not a singer. Not in the conventional sense anyway. What he does is talk and talk and talk and talk. In this case, about a dish of frogs being boiled for someones dinner without actually realising that they were dinner. It's a funny tale to be sure but it is a novelty value thing and that may not do the track any good.

Moreso because you would have to fork out 0.75 for the pleasure of keeping this track and - to be even more blunt - I think I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. Nonetheless, there is a longstanding tradition (particularly in America) where tracks like this do very well indeed and some of the better tracks of this type have actually been hits. Certainly Pretty Frogging Rude is funny enough to get you giggling, and that I suppose is the name of the KBC game so in that respect I guess they did 'what they want to do'. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, it's going to be very much a personal choice. As a reviewer, I am glad to say that I haven't noticed (too much anyway) some of the problems that have dogged this artist in the past and that is going to make some KBC happy. Anyway, have a listen to the track because it IS funny and - should you feel the urge - you may even be tempted to buy it.

How can I put this???? Mad as a box of frogs.

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