Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sleepscape - Death By Papercut

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First review up from the blog is from my own home town, London here in the sun drenched (but not) UK. Actually, I am extremely fortunate to live in this city because, unlike a lot of others, it still has a busy and diversified live scene; a city where a band can actually gig, think about that. Like most older musicians I mourn the passing of the music academies (Ed: the English call them pubs) that spawned so many musicians and bands its not even funny, almost all of them are now fancy restaurants or even fancier wine bars. Right around me (I live in Camden Town) are some of the best lo-rent, lo-fi venues around, as well as some of the classier venues like the Roundhouse. In other cities here and elsewhere in the world the live gigging circuit is in big, big trouble, there is a distinct lack of reasonable, suitable venues and what venues there are usually have to get the biggest draw they can soooo...

A vicious circle.

So obviously then I am spoiled in certain respects, I know what to expect when I go to gigs of this kind. I expect to deafened within an inch of life, be drenched in beers and other unpleasant fluids, lose my voice through shouting to my friends and generally have a whale of a time. Unfortunately that does rather depend on the band at the time and, believe me, I've seen some sights on the live circuit especially in the lower end of it. If I had gone to a gig with Sleepscape on the bill, I think I probably would have paid attention. Although Death By Papercut is, in all respects, and excellent sound, it does have - nor should it - that rough as a bears butt sound that only live can give you. Mind you, I can certainly picture what they would be like live from this track so I guess it does the trick; ie make you want to go see them.

Sleepscape are a trio (three piece to you g'vnor) consisting of Chris on vocals and guitar, Ru on drums and Mandy playing bass and quite a racket they kick up too. It isn't often that I find I can really praise what a band is doing sonically - after all this is the lower end - but Sleepscape come up with a surprisingly good, meaty sounding rock tune with an excellent modern slant. More to the point, it's a recognisable sound, your ears latch onto it from the opening guitar riff. I've spent days trying to think who the vocalist reminds me of and I'd appreciate any pointers so that I can finally sleep at night. My fellow Londoners should be hearing about Sleepscape and, hopefully, going to see them. I'm sure I'll stagger into some scruffy dive one of these days and find them hammering the patrons into submission with some excellent, sharp rock music.

Highly Recommended


Katya_Katya said...

Sleepscape are indeed a cool band - went to their gig a couple of months ago - very good vibe, the drummer was particularly energetic

Anonymous said...

The dudes got made skills! Clean sound with a punch.

Wonder if I'll ever get to meet them!?