Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Densyl - Hope Is All About

Hear The Track Here

Densyl is a Canadian musician I've run into a few times over at Soundclick, the last time in a collaborative effort with my old friend Salman Anwer (aka Musicarian). However, the sad truth is that I don't particularly like the smoother side of the musical street and Densyl seems to thrive there. I put most of the blame for that on my being English, I was brought up not to wear my heart on my sleeve and continental American musicians of all stripes and countries bare all at every opportunity. It's also down to their intense optimism about everything, like a kid in a sweet shop. Now if that sounds like I am denigrating Americans, you are wrong. I married an American, my children are raised as if they were Americans. I am denigrating the highly pessimistic, fatalistic view of the English who stopped gawping at the wonders in the world a long time ago. Hope Is All About is a case in point. Certainly can't picture any UK musician coming up with something so sunny and upbeat.

Densyl wrote the original song, Mexican lyricist Soni Conde supplied the lyrics and Matt Tyson of Cinnibar stepped in to perform the vocal honours. Matt and Cinnibar are one of my prime finds lately and I must admit I was looking forward to hearing the result. From the acoustic lick that runs through the track, to the incredibly detailed sub-Beach Boys vocals and vocal arrangement, Hope Is All About is a very surprising track - particularly since I'd already pigeon-holed Densyl as a bit of a musical softy. Despite it being virtually acoustic, Hope Is All About is tough, detailed and aggressive, forcing your jawbone closer to the floor with every note.

The first time I heard this, it made me stop and pay attention and - to be blunt - there aren't many tracks that can do that. At first it was the amazement at how closely Matt had come to creating that classic Pet Sounds Beach Boys sound, and used it in a very modern way, then as the tenor and feel of the track settled in it was obvious that this was a special track. It speaks volumes that Densyl wasn't tempted to put any kind of drum track on this because it would have ruined that timeless feel it has and absolute top marks to Matt Tyson for an absolutely stellar vocal performance. Even melted this hard English heart.

MUST HAVE inspiration.

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