Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conory - Claustrophobia

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Last track out of the bag this month comes from Conory, a musician who has changed quite a bit since I first met him with Long Dark Hallway (July 2008), although never straying that far from some admirable Alternative roots. Looking back over the reviews its obvious that Conory has a bit more on the ball than most, he's a good songwriter within his genre and he knows how to make the music he wants to hear, usually making us want to hear it too. So far, though, he's only managed to snag one rave from me and that was for I'm Still In Love (Directors Cut) (July 2009), an absolutely awesome rock pop song that somehow conjures up visions of a music scene long dead and forgotten. Like a lot of his tracks, patience and persistence pays dividends. This is a musician it is worth taking some time over IMO.

Now I wouldn't be honest if I said I loved this whole Alternative thing. Some of it makes me want to vomit it's so introverted and pimply. Some of it makes me want to crack heads and smash guitars so lets not even discuss those kind. Then there is the odd musician who makes sense of it, Conory is one of those and a sharp, convincing songwriter into the bargain. Claustrophobia is yet another track that shows off that ability to plug directly into the depths of time and pull out a song that is both bang up to date and respectful to its roots. Damn, I can even hear the very beginnings of prog-rock in this...

Pop Quiz!!! Hands up if you remember '70's fad, pub rockers!

There is a lot of that sound in Claustrophobia. Admittedly a lot of that impression is going to come from the way that Conory has put this together recording-wise, there is a certain rough, home made feel it to0. Mind you, not that yer average listener is going to be taking that much notice of things like this, they are going to swept away away by the surge of energy that this extremely likeable track delivers in its wake. While I can't say this is one of Conory's best tracks, in energy and style alone it's well up there, it's just a bit too throwaway for my tastes I guess. Nonetheless, a very entertaining track and no mistake so roll up the rug push back the furniture and dance like its 1999! No, wait a minute, that can't be right....

Highly Recommended pop rock song.

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