Thursday, March 18, 2010

ejhooker0is0my0name - Tie My Hands

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The gob stretching name hides someone who should be familiar to you, you might know him better as Wreckless Music who I have had the pleasure of reviewing a time or two. Ej Hooker is indeed his name but nonetheless, it's still a mouthful. Still, what's in a name right? Mmmmm. As you may have guessed, Ej's chosen musical field is hip hop/rap and - as Wreckless Music - has given me some tasty stuff. The only other ejhooker0is0my0name track I have reviewed was Apologize (March 2009) and although it took a while to work on me, eventually I got the point and liked it enough to recommend it. It is, after all, hip hop and I have a marked intolerance for sub-standard work.

Tie My Hands features the usual Wreckless cast of thousands (not really but Mo, menace and t-k are involved in it somewhere and no I don't know who they are either) also something almost obligatory for the genre. If you know anything about hip hop in general and Soundclick hip hop in particular then you will know roughly what to expect. There are very few of these rappers, IMHO, who really stand out. EJ Hooker is one of those who do stand out, and he has a string of Must Have's from me to prove the point. The one thing EJ has never stinted on is an overview of the whole thing; song, message or musical interest. Sure he sounds like a lot of other rappers but listen again and listen to how tight his thing is.

More to the point, whatever name he is going under, rap, flow and lyrics with a brain behind it have always been this rappers main strength, right from the very beginning. And I really don't like all this lovey-dovey crap the genre seems to be infested with, at least EJ had the musical sensibility to make it believable especially when you fully understand the tale behind the music. Like a lot of this musicians tracks, Tie My Hands shines from the very first, slick guitar lines before sliding seamlessly into an extremely meaty and solid hip hop beat that carries the track through without effort. Be advised that there is a Parental Advisory attached to this track and it is yet another track that does deserve it, but again EJ shows his style being making sure that there was a point to it.

Highly Recommended hip hop and MUST HAVE for fans.

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