Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skin Deep - She Stands At The Precipice

Hear The Track Here

Yet another new name to me, again from Mixposure. As I've said, time and again, it isn't physically possible for one little guy (Ed: little, little little) to take in the whole breadth of the online music scene. Even if I had a clone army and time on my hands I'd be hard pressed to even hear a third of it so when people say 'yeah but we've been around for years' it comes as no surprise. I've been actively reviewing online music since 1994 and, believe me, I've heard a LOT of music but even so people come, people go and things change from year to year. Can't hope to keep up and I treasure the new artists I do meet, simply to get a break from the usual hungry horde (Ed: he means you guys). So, Skin Deep, whodat??

Obviously reading between the lines at Mixposure, I should know more about Skin Deep because everyone else seems to know about it, but lets not go there again. Nonetheless this seems to be a track from a solo side electronica project for - I suspect - a rock musician of some kind. Now, I tell you, a six and a half minute slice of electronica better have a bit more going for it than a four-to-the-floor plus added beeps and whizzes, especially seeing as we seem to drowning in that type. On that score, Skin Deep need have no fear because if you have gotten say a little bit into this track, you'll never get out again. One of the elements that keep me coming back to this track time and time again is the arrangement, it's path as twisted and erratic as you wish for. Moreover it treads a couple of musical paths equally deftly, and switches between them with breathtaking ease.

It is, of course, just an electronica track basically but what Skin Deep has added to it is an almost lo-fi song that sounds a lot like our old friend Thomas J Marchant or - going waaay further back - some of the acid rock work of the late 1960's, in particular Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd. The electronica part and this old rock style are seamlessly attached and that is the final confirmation that this is very different to yer average electronica. I find it just as interesting that Skin Deep thought to meld these two things together but there is no question that it does work; the rhythmic complexity of the instrumental sections sets off the more laid back out-of-his-head that is the essence of the song. Excellent stuff and well worth checking out if you like to hear something a little bit different.

Highly Recommended blend of electronica and rock.

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