Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daniel Eboli - Paradigma

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You know, I have a theory about this 'ere reviewing malarky. See, I used to be a normal man musically, I had my likes and dislikes and when I loved I loved fiercely and when I despised I could curl paper from a thousand yards. Years of reviewing on Soundclick and elsewhere seems to have cured me of a good many of my endless list of musical phobias. While it's true that I can never really warm to the spiritual delights of ambient and new age or the bombast and fretboard envy that is prog-rock (to mention but three of my pet hates) I have still managed to stumble across musicians who seem to carry the candle for these genres, even to extent of finding listeners who wouldn't normally listen to that sort of thing but just happen to find the musician(s) interesting to listen to anyway.

Such is the case with me and Daniel Eboli.

He has presented us with tracks from all the genres I've mentioned and - as a special side treat - even teamed up with Jon Bushaway and Larry Ludwick with The Void (December 2009), and the really surprising thing is that he has had some very high ratings from me. Now I know for a fact that I haven't mellowed with age (Ed: no, he's got a lot, lot worse) which proves that Daniel is an extremely competent musician, arranger, producer, coffee maker et al. So, just by way of a change - as it were - Daniel this time throws us a solid electronica bone to gnaw on. Even, I might add, a dance flavoured electronica bone which kinda mingles yet again another couple of my pet peeves. (Ed: so wtf do you actually like then?)

Paradigma is made with Fruity Loops, Arturia modular system and Antares Tube and being a user of all four of these excellent pieces of kit, I can see that Daniel has again stamped his own special brand on this particular phobia. For a start, it's impressively tough sounding, bulling its way forward like some crazed American footballer, although some of the sounds are a wee bit tinkly, the solid underpinning (which sounds great really loud btw) maintains the pace and flow. There are some great little leads going on throughout the piece and it'll take you a while to decide whether it works or not but as someone who has listened to this a great deal, I'm absolutely sold. Who'd a thought a Brazilian musician could have cured me of so much... Bless you my son....even.

Incredibly tough, driving electronica. Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE for fans

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