Friday, March 12, 2010

Bright Midnight - Goodnight

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Doesn't seem like a couple of minutes ago since I shook hands and said hello to Hillis Emanuelson, leading light and main songwriter for Texas based Bright Midnight. Mind you in the few months since then they guy has managed to slam at least seven tracks into my review bag, so obviously he'd prodigious with it. That's OK though because although Bright Midnight are billed as Alternative/Post Punk, the bulk of their material is most definitely based in rock, and very specific sections of rock too. There was even a while back there when we were into resurrecting the ghosts of Jim-gone-bye on a couple of incredibly accurate Doors based tracks. Still, they have scored some ups and downs too but I have faith that this is an outfit that will just keep getting better.

Just need some stickum.

There is a bit of reprise of the Jim period on Goodnight, at least in the tone and style of the vocals, it's certainly as wordy and convoluted as anything Morrison came up with when he was lucid. Definitely a bit of a home made feel about this track, and at least a couple of things I'm not sure I agree with but play it a couple of times - should you like rock - and I think that it will grow on you as it grew on me. See that's the thing about Bright Midnight's track, they are good and sometimes better than that, and always worthy of a listen because he is an interesting songwriter. They may not be technically perfect but hey, what do we expect? Especially given that Post Punk billing. Punk was all about DIY musicianship, and so is the internet.

Not sure how bright Midnight pieced all this together but I could have sworn I heard several audible clicks which signifies tracks switching on and off, but I am absolutely certain 99% of humanity wouldn't even hear it. What they would hear is a very decent, but not startling, rock track with obvious Doors connotations. Now normally I'd be dumping on artists from a great height if I thought they were literally 'ripping off the greats' but - over time - I have come to understand that with Bright Midnight it is not an affectation, it is part and parcel of their whole thing. Not, to my mind, as good a track songwise or musically than some of their previous tracks, Goodnight is still a decent listen - especially if you like your rock in time slices.

Recommended Doors influenced track.

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