Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pilesar - Stickbag 3hree

Hear The Track Here

Bit of an early start this month for the Mad Musician of Maryland (that's Pilesar to you guys) and, as usual, there is a devious reason for it. He threw this onto my review doormat and legged it as fast as his many legs could take him. Suspicious moves right there. It wasn't until I started downloading it that I discovered the true depths of his perfidy. The song comment is brief and too the point 'I accidentally recorded this over my last vacation...' BAM!! and nee naw nee naw suspicion overload!!! If you know anything about Pilesar's highly unique experimental electronica then you know when he says something throwaway and casual about the track that the building is about to fall down over your ears. When I say this guys uses everything to make his music, I really, really mean it.

So what, you ask, was this great crime he has perpetrated? OK, let me explain. See, if you or I went away on holiday and got a chance to dabble with some music, we'd probably come back with a couple of song ideas and - maybe if we are lucky - an almost complete song. Pilesar has always refused to do things the normal way and it has been one of his major strengths, but giving your reviewer an EIGHTEEN minute track is probably throwing a wobbly too far. Funny thing is, and possibly an indication of how far gone I am, I actually found myself liking Pilesar's return to an old stomping ground.

Mind you, whatever you do - and really listen to this OK? - try NOT to make sense of what is going on during this long lunchbreak of a song. There appears to be two sections to it, it has lots and lots and lots of interesting sounds and tones, some not even available to the human ear and it goes on and on and on and on. Truthfully I did find it a bit of a marathon, at least while I was walking around doing crap listening to it. Where it made absolute sense was in those rare moments of quiet I get where I can grab a quick smoke and relax. This is exactly the right length and sound texture for an invigorating break and should be patented and sold in health shops everywhere, along with the smokables and the relaxants. Pilesar, for those quiet moments. There's something I don't get to say every day. Take a guide but be adventurous for a change.

Marathon Pilesar: Caution, big load.

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