Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silvertrain - Under Pressure

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Silvertrain is a very flexible name right now. Back in the day (around 2003, 2004) Silvertrain appeared and took Soundclick by storm, it consisted of two members; John Brandon and Ritchie Allen. Over the years the outfit has stayed pretty much the same but the past year has led to many startling changes, mostly initiated by John Brandon which have been - in their own way - excellent examples of where Silvertrain COULD go in the future. But, of course, that is still to be seen so in the meantime, lets get on with this one. As always with Silvertrain there is a back story... [John] 'wrote it, Lino produced it and then we got in guest vocalist Steven 'Mez' Mesropian' which, if I am correct is the first time ANYONE has sung with Silvertrain outside of John or Ritchie.

What comes out the other end is a much weightier 'train proposition, one that veers from the band's English pop roots, through American heavy rock and sounding nothing very much like anything they have done in the past. I do have some questions about some of the elements but taken as a whole this new Silvertrain definitely has some major potential. One thing is for sure, this isn't a song for girlies. Some of the levels are a bit strange mind but I'm pretty sure that only a geek like me would spot such things. What they will hear is a fairly standard rock workout, but they wouldn't know anything about the bands history and know how much of a change it is.

So the burning question is, do I like it?. In all honesty I find myself in two minds, I do like this tough new approach and Mez is a considerable vocalist who obviously works best in a more rocky environment. On the other hand, that distinctive, almost innocent appeal of Silvertrain's earlier existence barely gets a look in. Not that this is a bad thing, change is essential to a musician and, from where I sit, John Brandon is handling the change very capably but it's all swings and roundabouts, know what I mean? As a Silvertrain song, mind, this is a recognisable format, just not that distinctive English sound and that may take some getting used to.

Mid-Atlantic rock, in a Silvertrain setting. Recommended.

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