Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Aggressor UK - Bad Bone

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Nice bit of ag, mate? Yeah, come here let me kick your head in. In other parts of the world when you are out for a stroll of an evening, people passing by would nod hello or even - heaven forbid - wish you a good evening. In my country, the first comments are usually the ones spat in your face. Don't know what it is about the English en masse but, let's face it, they can be tremendously aggressive, sometimes in the blink of an eye. Seems only right and proper then, that some clown will come along (Ed: What!! What!!!) and try to shove it further down your gullet. See how neatly I have all my preconceptions in a row there??? All because of a band name and song title, I get to riff endlessly about what a bunch of wallies I get to share an island with, AND I get to call a musician a clown. Folks, it couldn't get much better than this and I feel fully vented. Now what was I talking about? Ah yes, decimation in a coulrophobia stylee...

Look it up :P

Don't be misled either by the innocuous accapella billing this has, not unless you want to be surprised by an enormous pair of rock bollocks swinging before your dazed (Ed: can't use that, he probably trademarked it) eyeballs. The proud possessor of these testicular delights comes up with a surprisingly accurate rendition of heavy rock music as practiced - in particular - by my old mate Lemmy and his band Motorhead. Then, when the enormous globes move out of the way you realize you've been staring (in wonder, no less) at someone very familiar to a great many of us. Yep, underneath the surly sneer, the blood-stained bike chains and the twin rottweilers, you recognise you are looking at one Nigel Potter. MMmmmm. Why do they always do that??? Fairly scared the crap out of me man...

Anyone who pays attention to the online music scene will be somewhat aware of this English musician, and either like his brand of rock or not. Personally, I have a lot of time for it and have followed his work ever since I first came across him a few years ago. Not only because he is an excellent songwriter and musician but also because we have a shared musical history. I am bound to like his kind of rock because it springs from the scene I grew up with and he's giving it a whole new lease of life. I can't say that I am as enamoured of Bad Bone as I was over Kill or Cure (December 2009) but admittedly, this is an animal of a different stripe. Straightforward heavy rock music is essentially what Bad Bone is, but delivered with a great degree of style and confidence. Just the way I like it, bloody and raw.

Highly Recommended heavy rock.

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