Saturday, March 13, 2010

Musicarian - Sailing through Dusk to Dawn

Hear The Track Here

At this stage in my reviewing career (if you could call it that) I have probably heard musicians from almost every country on the planet, including some countries that boggle the mind with their musicianship. One of those is most definitely India which seems to have a plethora of really talented musicians but so far I think I have only ever reviewed one musician from neighbouring Pakistan. That musician being guitarist Salman Anwer (aka Musicarian). I first met him way back in 2004 when I reviewed Dark Days, Bright Nights (January 2004) which I liked a lot because it displayed just how good a guitarist Salman is. I didn't however like the kind of soft rock jazz he was doing and I said so at the time and I've said so since but that doesn't, nor shouldn't, detract from the fact that Musicarian is a very competent player and arranger, and his production quality really is superb. At that level, personal feelings and/or musical likes and dislikes don't even feature.

Like a lot of sub-continental musicians, Musicarian doesn't necessarily reflect his own roots. Oh, he does on the odd occasion like Naey Din (April 2009) which IMHO is one of his better tracks, although to my knowledge I've only ever given him one Must Have for Get Your Soul Reborn (November 2008) which was his first track since 2004 btw. That track displays the more normal face of Musicarian; jazz is really the name of the game and jazz fusion is where Salman really feels at home - even if philistines like me don't. However, as I say, I can appreciate the combination of skills Salman brings to bear to make such music; especially from a production angle. This is music that demands a preciseness (and economy) of playing that certainly eludes a great many guitarists.

So if the names George Benson or Carlos Santana riff on your fretboard, you should definitely go away right now and see what Musicarian has to offer because I guarantee you'll find plenty to capture your ears and interest. This is a musician who takes great care, and much effort, to get things feeling and sounding right and it shows from the very first notes. The tone and style of Salman's playing is a thing to be savoured if you are a machine head (Ed: guitar player) and enjoyed as a listener - whatever your personal preference. Personally I didn't find listening to this track more than a few times that onerous a task, mainly because Musicarian's playing was so fluid, precise and nuanced it made the over four minute length seem like a stroll in the park. A very enjoyable, sunlit day in the park.

Slow jazz inspired guitar instrumental. MUST HAVE.

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