Wednesday, March 24, 2010

JT Chisom - I Don't Mind

Hear The Track Here

JT Chisom is a new artist to me, even though he seems to have been on Soundclick since 2008 but that's an indication of how big the site is and how small I am in comparison. No matter, I noticed he started a review thread in Soundclick's Critics Corner forum and that's always a good sign. As the man says, radiators and drains, know what I mean? Folk Rock is what he appears to be into and judging by I Don't Mind, more folk than rock even. Not that I have a problem with that but I know a lot of people do, especially the bleepheads amongst us (Ed: he means electronica) who seem to think that sitting, playing a guitar and singing is easy. Now I know that I am one to talk about railing against guitarists, but it does take some skill and a LOT of patience. OK, you counter, but so does electronica. At which point I poke my fingers into your eyes, give you a tasty kick in the testicular department and get on with the music.

Given the size of Soundclick and the number of wannabe troubadours, it is a bit surprising to me that we are not knee deep in acoustic singer/songwriters. The fact is that there are a lot of this kind on Soundclick, but they tend to put a whole lot more into their music that just the voice and the guitar; they are the basis of almost all the one-man bands Soundclick is rightly known for. Then there is the acoustic, folky kind who prefer to keep it as simple as ABC. JT Chisom fits into this landscape perfectly; his vocal style, his playing and his songwriting all evoke a much simpler period. Having said that, I'm sure there will be plenty of drive by listeners who wouldn't even give it the obligatory 20 seconds before moving on.

Actually 20 seconds is about all they would need because this is a very, very short song coming in at a whisker below a minute and a half. Even in that minute and a half nothing very substantial happens, other than the song unwinding around you. What it shows, despite its length, is that JT Chisom definitely has something going on here; he's a sharp, concise guitar player, a vocalist comfortable with what he is doing and a decent song to sing. I think I'd prefer to get my critical teeth into something a little lengthier before I could make a meaningful decision about this musician, but this is for sure a good start.

Lo-techo, folky song. Recommended (why its over in a flash!)

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