Friday, March 26, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Hopeless (Demo)

Hear The Track Here

Despite the exact same word as this songs title being levelled at some of the works of Houston, TX based Fear 2 Stop, I have an abiding affection for their admittedly strange, often disjointed and dissonant work. Also, as you may gather, Hopeless is a work in progress; in other words something maybe a wee bit raw and unfinished, also words I have heard levelled at this band and in fact I think I have even said that from time to time. Doesn't stop them though. In fact, nothing stops them as the fact that - of all Soundclick artists - I have spent more time listening to Fear 2 Stop tracks than any other. Not because I wanted to, although as I say I am a fan of this band but more because they never, ever let me off the hook. Rare is the month that doesn't feature a Fear 2 Stop track. So why don't I tell them to sling their hooks? (Ed: I think he means go away but don't quote me on that).

That is a long story.

I'm certainly not rash enough to say that Fear 2 Stop deserve the attention of everybody because I know only too well that they do have limited appeal. However when they do make a fan, those fans do seem to roll with the punches Fear 2 Stop throws better than anyone else around. The key to Fear 2 Stop is understanding that they actually WANT to sound like this. Believe me, they go out of their way to sound like this and as much as it isn't to most people's tastes, they also don't seem to care what people think of what they do. All of which leads you to either an irritating and/or interesting listen and its often not until you start playing the track that you realise which kind it is.

'About 80% finished' Billy Castillo says and you may well argue that it sounds about 0% finished but that is the way with this outfit. I do indeed see the shape behind this track and it is a familiar shape, a rough hewn mix of electronica and basic analog sounds that is absolutely unique to this band. Best not to go looking for musical sense in here because it will drive you as mad as a box of frogs if you try. I once though that Fear 2 Stop had some kind of inner depth that I'd never found, then I thought they had no depth at all and it was all just surface noise. Yeah, a surface noise that has lasted many, many years and becomes more consistent by the track. You may not like Fear 2 Stop but you cannot deny that they are persistence personified.

Texas electronica; if it rattles drop it and run away screaming.

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