Tuesday, March 16, 2010

333maxwell - Oriental Electronica

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Oh my gosh look at the time. It's almost 333maxwell o' clock and we all know now that, for the past month, Chas Holman (for it is he) has been beavering away trying to come up with something that will stump me. Now I don't know whether you guys have noticed but I think our Max is getting ahead of himself, too clever by half. All this fame and glamour going to his head no doubt. Anyway this month's opus is an attempt to (and I wearily quote) 'create as organic of piece as I could using only synths' Listen, any other person said that, I'd be rolling on the floor right here laughing my fool head off. I have found, however, never to take anything this musician says or does at face value, there's always a whole world more going on than it appears.

Speaking of which, oriental AND electronica? Is this going to end with Max stepping on my toes? I thought I had cornered the market on that bad boy. Moreover, the use of Chinese instruments and structure has long been a feature of my own work and I have to say that not only has 333maxwell captured the true feel and tone of all his instruments - remember his warning 'using synths only' I think there is one organic sample in here but it doesn't play a major part - but he's created a detailed, structured world with it. Whenever I wanted the true sound I've always had to use samples because I just couldn't emulate that exact tone, 333maxwell has that nailed. Looked at from that angle, Oriental Electronica is bloody amazing.

Of course you'd have to be a fan of the ol' ying tong yiddle I fo (Ed: Chinese of the Gilmore kind) musical school of caterwauling, and I am a fully paid up member who is bound to love such an obvious work of creative art - moreso because he nailed the sound and tone so well. I know that there are many, many Westerner listeners who see no value in this kind of music at all, but I certainly don't and it's obvious 333maxwell feels the same. This is a beautiful, timeless music that been around considerably longer than almost any other form on the planet; it has drama and emotion and sweeping musical views and yes, 333maxell squatting large as life in the centre of it.

MUST HAVE World/electronic blend

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