Monday, May 25, 2009

Wreckless Music (Ejay) - Times In My Life

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When you see credits like 'Author: Kazper, Rob-J, E.J.A.Y. & Trucky Entertainment' you got to be aware that we are venturing into hiphop and rap territory. Surprisingly enough, a lot of the hiphop on Soundclick is listenable, and some of it is as good as it gets this side of the economic divide. Wreckless Music has thrown a couple of doozies my way (Ed: I think he means good tracks) since I met him with Gemini (September 2007). Like a lot of indie hiphop there are rough edges to this artists work, but certainly not enough for me to really give him a hard time.

Fact is, his last track Apologize (March 2009) is a classic example of why I find this particular hiphop musician a cut above the normal 'peep my ****' crowd. Put it like this, at the time of writing this review there are over 1.3m tracks in the hiphop charts and this bad boy is at #378 which, by my reckoning, isn't bad at all. When reviewing Apologize I said 'certainly one of the best Wreckless tracks I have heard so far' and it seems Times In My Life is following through with something just as good, showing that this upturn in his game isn't a flash in the pan. Luckily, there is none of the roughness that kinda/sorta marred the Apologize track, but it does deserve the Parental Advisory - a lot of cussin'...

Mind you, judging by the story, there is plenty to cuss about.

Musically, Times In My Life is very strong, it's mix of beats, orchestral flourishes and a central vocal motif is exactly what I look for in a hiphop track as is a strong chorus, and this has a beauty. Interestingly enough, it's taken Wreckless a bit of time to get here but there is no doubt that he is on a bit of a roll at the moment because as well as being a terrific song, it has a killer rap - courtesy of the man himself. Like a lot of this musicians tracks, it will take a bit of time to really get it - especially the rap - but it's well worth the effort. If he keeps getting better with each track as quickly as this, 2009 could be a very good year indeed for Wreckless Music. Certainly made me sit up and listen that's for sure.

MUST HAVE hiphop rap. Seriously.

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