Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cherry Tree Parade - Perfectly Polyphonic

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The Cherry Tree Parade are a band from Kansas City MO (same place, apparently, as the Republic Tigers whoever they might be when not mauling humans) who come to us through my blog thing.... Lets see now, ' The sound of The Cherry Tree Parade is an amalgam of yadda yadda'. No, that'll never do. Skipping quickly to their Myspazz website we discover that Jon and Matthew Collins, Brandon Chavez and Alex Reed are the culprits responsible, and they have a lot of friends. Catch any of their indie flavoured pop tracks and it becomes obvious why. The word fresh is increasingly overworked these days so let me use the word refreshing to hear music created with such style and maturity.

Loved it right off the bat.

Obviously they are new to me, but not to making music. Someone who spends this much effort on tracks know exactly what they are after - even if at first glance it's a little odd rhythmically. The sheer amount of detail in the track, vocally, instrumentally and lyrically, shows that The Cherry Tree Parade don't take prisoners. I have to admit that the odd, almost disjointed rhythm threw me for a while but live with it for a while and it becomes indispensable to the feel of the track. Its the musical tightness and diversity that really seals the deal, from the production to performance, this is a gem.

I've always been a big fan of harmony vocal duo's and Cherry Tree's Jon and Matthew Collins follow in a fine American tradition, updated to the max. Personally, I would have loved the vocals to be a tad more present on this track, simply because they were so good but hey, I'll take what I am given in this case. It soon becomes apparent that the musical maturity so evident in the music seems to be coming from some young throats, and I mean young. It wouldn't surprise me to discover that the band were no more that 17 or 18 year olds, and you know what that means. Look out world. At least this time, when fame comes knocking, they know exactly how to do it right. Wonderful, makes an old man glow with hope for the future.

MUST HAVE power pop. Awesome.

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