Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pilesar - How Can I Stay Mad At You

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One of the major benefits of being a long term reviewer is that you get to see endless sides of artists, watch the flow of their work as it were. Way back in the mists of time, I reviewed a track called Just A Turtle (September 2004), a seemingly innocuous track that held no hint of the mayhem that was about to unfold. Over the intervening time I have to say that Pilesar (and his many alter egos) have kept me entertained enormously, disturbed as well yes.... Goes with the territory. The musical nous that has always been the bedrock of what makes Pilesar special has been blossoming over the last year or two with some excellent forays into live and collaborative work.

Ballad of the Possum Eatin' Monster introduced us to a completely different Pilesar, a rocking lo-fi SINGING popstar in the making, and How Can I Stay Mad At You features more of the same. Pilesar is joined again in this track by Logan Rainard on bass and Nikc Miller on guitar and backing vocals and could well have come from the same session. While Possum Eaters dove head first into country blues, How Can I Stay Mad At You drops a tab of acid, grows its hair long and starts experimenting with the theory of everything. Or at least it would do, if it could get its head together...

Yep, for sure to really enjoy what Pilesar purveys, you would need to have a liking for the weirder side of American rock (Zappa/Mother Of Invention for sure, but the Residents and Devo get a look in to) but music should be fun, right? Fun and exact in period detail is even better and How Can I... is a classic example of the kind of cheese that passed for freaking out back in the day. Don't expect a production you can eat your dinner off, and expect to wait a while for the lyrics to register. Do all that and you too could have your mind successfully warped beyond human comprehension.

Fun with a capital FFFFFF. Classic. MUST HAVE.

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