Saturday, May 16, 2009

333maxwell - Cancun

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You see before you, freds and gerbils, an abject wretch. A chastened, grovelling pitiful creature who would whimper at the light of day (Ed: but you DO whimper at etc....). The reason? In my blind and unthinking dash into this months stew, I seem to have thrust 333maxwell into the Gilmore equivalent of limbo. I downloaded the track, so I obviously saw the damn thing, but did it end up on my final list? So, with my butt still smarting from the brisk forty lashes applied to it, and smelling strongly of liniment and antiseptic, I duly reinstated the track and am now obliged to make amends. S'funny, though. Its not even as if maxwell had made it onto my ****list, or is even likely to; here is a musician I like a lot.

Can't say that about most of them. (Ed: yeah you!)

Considering that this musician has thrown every genre known to man at me, its no surprise that sooner or later he would come up with a pure acoustic number. It also happens to be as sunny and warm as its title and that helps enormously to cushion the shock this track gives me. What is that??, I thought, running my aural tastebuds through this excellent choon; some influence I couldn't place at first. Not that it really mattered overmuch because the sheer energy and inventiveness of the track took care of any and all first impressions, and it took me a while to sort through it. Amazing how much can come out of one voice and one guitar.

333maxwell shows a clean pair of heels as a songwriter with this superlative track too, showing that the man can master whatever he turns his agile mind to. After I've lived with the track I finally twigged that the flavour I got at the beginning (and it is just a flavour) was of Paul Simon - and that just has to be the purest compliment. The truth is, I found Cancun enormously enjoyable on just about every level possible; inventive and fluid guitar playing, and vocals that sit in the track boasting about how good it sounds. 'Another quick scratchpad 1 guitar 1 vocal with Modulation and Delay fun' maxwell says in the song comments, but so much more than that.

Excellent Acoustic. MUST HAVE for fans, most Highly Recommended nonetheless.

PS: and not because of the thrashing either ;P

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