Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pidgeman - Breakaway

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I first met UK based Pidgeman over at MP3 Unsigned in late 2007, and to be honest it wasn't a most auspicious meeting. Probably, I now think, it has taken me some time to get used to his style - even though it is usually rock based. I've always had a soft spot for rock and Pidgeman has hit that spot more than once. Ultimately the thing that comes across time after time is how a good a songwriter he is. We've had our quibbles about sound or pacing or some other bollocks but I've always appreciated his clever way with a good rock song.

Take, for example, the chorus and hook of Breakaway; wonderfully anthemic - the sort of thing that only works belted out by thousands of willing throats. Nonetheless, Pidgeman makes a damn fine job of impersonating a stadium crowd, and the image definitely works, I love it most when Pidgeman is on a classic rock jag and Breakway is exactly what is needed. I think where Pidge and I have never seen eye to eye on is vocally, and I have accepted that he has his style regardless but... All the times I heard this I was reminded of what a band like Avalanche (for instance) would make of such a great rock track.

I mean absolutely no offense here, its just that IMHO this could have been so much more. And therein lies the story of Pidge and I, time and time again he has come tantalisingly close to scoring but somehow just misses the post. Not that Pidgeman should be worried, and neither should he/could he change his vocal style. What he is, above all else, is a songwriter who knows how to construct a song - and Breakaway is a classic song in every respect. Enough, I suspect, for it to win Pidgeman some more listeners and that's all that counts. Unless, of course, I can convince Avalanche to cover it hee hee...

Great rock song. Highly Recommended.

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