Friday, May 15, 2009

Recently Known As Tim - Joy Box

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The artist Recently Known as Tim, yeah I like that. It has a ring to it. The man is so recently arrived at Soundclick you can still see the scorchmarks. And you thought it would be a good idea to jump right in and ask for a review eh? Hark! Here that evil cackle? That's the Soundclick Mob baying for blood; fresh blood, virgi.....(Ed: stop scaring away the noobs and get on with it!!) OK! OK! I am, as you know, a curious soul (some would even go as far as nosy) and I like to know something about the artist as well as the music. Now here's Tim Grissett (aka Recently etc etc) so new the paint isn't even dry. And yet...and yet.... While it's true to say that Tim is yet to gain fans (all in good time), one little fact stood out like Mount Vesuvius (Ed: you are NOT dragging that volcano in here young man!). He has been added to his first radio station.

Louie MacNeils's Century of the fruit bat radio...

Now I don't know about you but Louie is one guy I trust absolutely to know what's what. If he says it's good, you can take that to the bank. No, on second thoughts, best to stuff it in a sock. Speaking of stuffing things in things, Joy Box should probably be kept away from the kiddies. Even reading the lyrics brought me out in a light sweat. It is, of course, a song of joy about the pleasures of the squidgy arts - long a rock lyric staple - and performed in classic rock manner by Tim, recent or not. Now, me, I love rock in all its forms so its a given I would like Joy Box (aside from the squidgy stuff) simply because it's so well done; production, performance and arrangement.

As I say, Louie is a fussy dude, so its obvious he would go for the quality. What boggles me is that Tim admits this is home recording but it certainly sounds of a higher standard than most I've heard. The only thing that really gave it away was that tell-tale mushiness of the vocals. Much more to the point, here's a songwriter who understands the point of hooks and refrains and uses them to good effect. He knows his classic rock licks too, let me tell you. There are a couple of head nodders in there that will have you reliving glory days.

Excellent classic rock. Highly Recommended.

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