Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wacky Southern Current - Ageless Calm in Times of War EP

Hear The Track Here

If your mind persists in reading the bandname as Wacky Southern Comfort, don't be discouraged because you are not alone. Wacky Southern Current (see how I did that?) is, according to the Internet Archive page, 'Marco Cervellin from Italy who, with a little help from his friend Gianni Garbo, recorded these songs at a farmer's country house' This review request came to me from my blog which, I am pleased to say, is definitely beginning to get review requests from everywhere. Soooo, anyway, this band and track come to you through yet another netlabel, Petcord. Specialising in experimental electro acoustic (that's what it says), I must admit I was daunted by the constant references to Ambient.... As you know, not one of my favourite genres.

Clouds Shifting (the first of the five tracks on this EP) is most definitely ambient in every way I can imagine, so normally I would be that speck of dust running for the hills right now. It would take something a bit more than flies buzzing and whalesong to keep this bitter, twisted reviewer amused let me tell you. As it happens, Clouds Shifting does indeed have a whale wassailing in the background but is sure as s*** never swam in the sea, and that is where the track worked for me. In fact, whatever genre it is couched in, this is a class track with much care and devotion to getting the right feel and atmosphere.

Watercolour takes you out West, mesa country to rattle a few old bones and its atmosphere and pace is awesome, a truly lovely piece of music, even for an old philistine like me; wonderful blend of electronic and acoustic sounds too. Nostalgia of the Mulberry Tree is much more what I expect when the ambient word is used; light, air and so many plinky things it can madden cows. Again saved by WSC's sense of simplicity to make a point. Waves is the big daddy of the pack, six minutes of every sound under the sun, with an almost soporific beat. Clouds Shifting (Reprise) is definitely the star of this EP, a lovely, haunting reworking of the title track; instantly accessible on every level. For me, this is the standout track but I have to admit I did enjoy listening to the whole EP and considering it's Ambient, that's no bad thing. What is evident, in every note and silence, is the attention to detail, care and attention has been devoted to these lovely pieces, can't fault that.

Highly Recommended Ambient. (and a MUST HAVE for Clouds Shifting (Reprise) )

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