Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunburn In Cyprus - Change

Hear The Track Here

Life is full of weird little coincidences. As many of you know, I am known to frequent Mike-K's Saturday Night Rocks show over at Mixposure; a place where I can listen to the most eclectic musical taste I know and heap abuse and foul substances over anyone unfortunate enough to enter the chat room. All the main food groups. I was surprised that the Centre Stage Presentation last Saturday was of none other than Sunburn In Cyprus because a few days before that Chris Bishop had picked this track as choice for review this month. Chris Bishop, in case you were wondering is the musician and internet god who runs POP and POPspace, a website known to be infested with some very experienced musicians. Unfortunately I missed out on the Centre Stage section of Mike's show and have yet to catch the re-broadcast so the track was still new to me.

It's a given that all Chris's choices have sound technical ability, it's almost his trademark. He hasn't picked a track I haven't wholeheartedly agreed with since we started this, and Sunburn In Cyprus are only going to enhance his batting record. God what a class piece this is, and as commercial as hell into the bargain. Despite their very English sound, Sunburn In Cyprus are in fact from Goettingen (Germany, seeing as you asked). In fact, the very first musical reference I glommed onto was The Beautiful South and repeated plays couldn't tear me away from my assumption. Not that I think this is copying what Beautiful South did, merely echoing it. Even so, putting all that aside, this is a damn fine track.

Change is a wry slice of electronic Triphop that tempts you to sway softly on the spot rather than dance your tits off, alternating between jazz and electronica all topped off with a vocal to die for. Courtesy of Milena Jurczik, it was for me the real jewel to be found here. I was always a softie for good female vocals and Milena's almost Sade-like delivery is the icing on this excellent track. It only inspires me to catch up with the Mike-K re-broadcast even more. I'm glad, for the sake of the review, that I didn't catch up with it at the time because it has given me time to get used to the subtleties of their style in one track. A whole CSP would no doubt be overwhelming. I wonder if anyone survived? No doubt I'll see you there on Saturday night to find out.

MUST HAVE awesome jazzy Triphop.

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