Saturday, May 16, 2009

Densyl - I Love You

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Densyl is a brand new name to me from Soundclick, a country pop artist from Canada. What is it about Canada? How can it possibly contain the amount of Canadian musicians it claims to? and some wonderful Canadian musicians to boot. Well, except for Celine Dion who has the vocals of an angel but should have been shot for the Titanic thing. I mean, come on.... When I spotted the Adult Contemporary label I had to suppress a shudder. This is a genre that has held endless horrors for me over the years I have been reviewing. When I were a young lad (Ed: that'd be slightly before gaslight) such music had but one name, and its name was scorned the world over.
It was known as Easy Listening. Early lift music, if you will.

The music I most loathed growing up was awash with strings so sweet they could rot your teeth, accompanied by the most banal lyrics imaginable; music so soporific it should have been illegal. Densyl more than flirts with this style so I freely admit my bias simply because it is obvious that he takes his music making seriously. The recording and production of I Love You is exactly right for the material, clear as a bell and as light as a feather. If you know what I mean about Easy Listening then you'll know exactly what to expect; lots of piano, acoustic guitar and strings, strings, strings. Until your mind goes numb.

The task is made harder because this track is so obviously well meant and sincere (it's a love song to his wife) that it feels way to personal for my tasks. There again, I am a well known romantic philistine, and English into the bargain so I am bound to dislike public displays of emotion; and boy this is that. Certainly to give Densyl his due, he's done a great job of it and even comes across as a kind of husky Elvis, and I'm sure his wife absolutely loved it. What woman wouldn't? They have hearts, after all. Not like reviewers, not at all.

Romantic Adult Contemporary.

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