Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charlie A - Sad Robot

Hear The Track Here

I've been completely addicted to science fiction ever since I've been able to read. Having wolfed down HG Wells and Jules Verne, I moved on to the more contentemporary sci-fi writers; Arthur C Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein and every sci-fi writer of note since then. When I read I, Robot by Isaac Asimov it seemed (at the time) that robots and commercial spaceflights were right around the corner so like many mid-century kids the reality has been - to say the least - a bit underwhelming. Here we are almost fifty years later and they are still trying to teach robots how to stand up straight; actual tasks may take another fifty years.

No wonder the little buggers're sad, I would be too.

Although most of Charlie A's work is of an orchestral/soundtrack nature, we have managed not to come to blows simply because Charlie's idea of what a soundtrack should sound like and mine are quite close. We could never fully agree because....well....soundtracks...I hate 'em. Kill 'em dead. D-E-D. Unless, of course, they are in a film which is where they rightly belong. Now, before I get side-tracked completely... Charlie also has his playful side. In fact, my introduction to this artist was through his laugh out loud funny Bebee Bubba (July 2006) so I looked forward to a good chuckle when I noticed this track was classified General Comedy.

Now I'm sad. Damn!

Wasn't a chuckle in sight, although I can see the funny side lyrically, IMHO the vocal just didn't do anything to put those lyrics across. I am well used to Charlie by now and I know enough to persevere with listening if I'm not getting it but I'm afraid the more I heard this track, the less I got it. Its a decent enough track that you won't mind spending a couple of minutes or so in its company, and even has a couple of nice progressions to keep you amused. Not enough, however, for the long term and, in truth, I have heard Charlie in much better form but hey, as a piece of musical fun? No problem.

Support your local robots!! (in about 50 years)

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