Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twisted Angel - Tempted By A Sinner

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Or (Twisted) AnGeL to be more accurate but that's the last time I'm typing it that way. Moreover, nothing goth about this artist too, an assumption I made straight away only to have it dashed when I noticed that Twisted Angel was, in fact, a hiphop artist. From Canada? Not exactly renowned hiphop territory but hey, its universal right? As such, Twisted Angel is a completely new name to me so I had absolutely no idea what to expect between assumptions and rude reality. As it happens, Tempted By A Sinner, is actually a great mix of goth influences and hiphop that works surprisingly well.

Beats and production come from the justly famed Shadowville Productions so there's not much to be said about it. After all, if you need a lease track, you can't get much better than Shadowville and it shows Twisted Angel knows enough to pick winner music tracks. Its a surprisingly tame sounding track though, none of the hard edge they can apply and it fits the tenor of the track well. Twisted Angel describes the track as 'gross, dark, powerful, sexy, raunchy, deadly, heavy, angry, lovely, creepy, crazy,weird' and all of those apply. To be sure, you won't have heard many tracks this and - dare I say it - absolutely NO hiphop tracks.

Yet it works, this track shows that.

Moreover, here is a rapper who understands the value of his words. So much so that he posts them online with the track. I only know of a couple of other rappers that do that but I have to say it makes understanding the track that much better. After all, not everybody in the world speaks Ebonics innit? When you cite Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Korn as influences, this is not going to be your average rapper and this proves to be the case because the rap is delivered both ways; hiphop and death metal. It's certainly an interesting combination but one I suspect it will take a while to grow into.

Different, that's for sure. Highly Recommended goth rap. Honest.

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Twizzie said...

Great review once again!! Thank you Steve