Sunday, May 10, 2009

Buzrk - Revolution Threats Level 2

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At this stage of the game I have reviewed over half of Miami based rapper Buzrk's entire output, and I'm still no more convinced than I was when I first reviewed One Last Call To Arms (September 2007). Over the space of the ten or so tracks since then, we have never really seen eye to eye although Emissary (March 2008) hit a hot spot for me, showing the the guy does have it in him to make a track that gels on all the right levels. Unfortunately, most of the material is dogged by problems, most notably the rap style and flow and considering that is the centrepiece of this genre that is a problem one cannot ignore. I can't believe I just said 'one'. Someone shoot me quick. Funny thing is that I approach every new Buzrk track intending to be kinder to him this time and it frustrates me that I cannot. See, I happen to like and 'get' hiphop/rap, it's one of my favourite of genres and it disturbs me greatly when I hear it not happening.

Uh oh, thinks Buzrk, this is going to sting... :)

I've actually reviewed this track as Threatening Level (September 2008), a joint by Buzrk and Sinima Beats and actually managed to get a recommended from me although it was infinitely more in favour of the music than the rap. Revolution Threats Level 2 then is a remix of that track (nothing wrong with that, we all do it). The beat this time is produced by JuSaMeLoDy and that's all the information I have on this beatmaker as the link doesn't appear in the song comments.. Good musical style though, a kind of electro-pop feel to it that I personally found very appealing.

I think, to be brutally frank, that Buzrk is probably more of a spoken word artist than a rapper. The more I listen to his style, the more I see that he doesn't really follow any of the normal rap rhythmic conventions. Nothing wrong with that, dare to be different, right? Well, yes but only so long as it actually works. Now try as I might I can't seem to get past Buzrk's idiosyncratic style and - as I say - who is to say that Buzrk's isn't doing it right so I guess it comes down to personal taste. I might have got more out of it were I to understand the lyrics but Buzrk's rushed phrasing and his oddly muffled voice make it extremely difficult to pick anything out - an accusation I have leveled at him more than once or twice. Either Buzrk should take no notice of me (and others) and do it his way regardless, or he should take a long, cool look at what he is doing and try and put himself into our shoes.

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