Friday, May 22, 2009

Frankfurt Dialog Company - Close To Nothing

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The last time I encountered Frankfurt Dialog Company (no prizes for guessing where they are from) was with January's Critic Corner competition winner One Day (February 2009) which absolutely blew me away. It wasn't the first time either, Do or Die (A summer song) (August 2008) was something special too. It goes without saying that both tracks got a Must Have rating from me, but hey what does that matter? See I'm just a guy with a loud mouth and plenty of opinions, especially about what constitutes good music. Frankfurt Dialog Company floored me from the first with their innate musical skill and songwriting abilities but they would because I appreciate the arts. The very high amount of plays and views this band has notched up on Soundclick tells another story... All together now...we should be so lucky, lucky lucky

OK, maybe not that.

Silke and Andreas are joined on Close To Nothing by pianist Christiane Sattler and Hans Christian Stephan supplying trumpet (although I didn't notice any trumpet so maybe I became selectively deaf). The piano, on the other hand takes centre stage along with an extremely tasteful acoustic dropping in the odd figure or two. What comes out is a very smooth jazzy waltz that is just perfect; the balance and feel alone worth a listen just for jaw dropping pace. So, yes, it's probably a given that you should like the softer musical side to really get into this, but Frankfurt Dialog Company bring on its not so secret weapon to tempt lesser mortals.

Silke has a terrific voice for this kind of material, someone wisely compared her to either Carly Simon or Alanis Morissette and I'd say either would work for me. Much more to the point this evokes the female greats of the early 1970's; Carole King chief among them because - when all is said and done - what Close To Nothing brings to the party more than anything else is a great song. Lyrically as well, which is always the big challenge for me but this I enjoyed in all ways. Five Star jobbie.

Excellently performed Acoustic Vocal. Highly Recommended.

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