Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Cy Of Hounds - Melody

Hear The Track Here

I first ran with this band when I reviewed Charnel House (September 2008) and liked what I heard; a distinctly retro look back to a musical age when garage rock meant exactly that. While it wasn't what I would have chosen to listen to a lot, I did find the experience refreshing. Even more I can appreciate the effort it takes to get that exact sound out of everything that typifies music of the early to mid 1960's - especially in America. Surprising then, that all four members of A Cry Of Hounds are Canadians. a?

'Pretty straight-forward, 2 1/2 minute rave up' is the description offered for Melody and its right on the money in every way, especially in nailing that cheesy, but incredibly hard 1960's rock sound. Coming from an era that spawned the Pretty Things, I recognised their bastard children on sight. I was lucky enough to see The Pretty Things live a couple of times back in the day and the blast I got from this track was exactly the same as I did then. Well sure it sounds a bit rough and dated but its exactly how it should be - at least to pull of the ol' 'remember when...' punchline.

The reason I bring history into the conversation is because of the nod of respect A Cry Of Hounds are making towards an incredibly influential period in music, which meant the Pretty Things, The Yardbirds and other groups became role models for the next generation of garage bands. It's even got a girl name in common with Gloria (Van Morrison and Them), Rosalyn (Pretty Things) and a million others. Its also got enough raw rock energy to light up your average festival crowd. Takes a lot of skill to get this stuff to sit right, no matter what you think about the style, and on that score alone A Cry Of Hounds deserve massive kudos.

MUST HAVE period rock.

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