Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Xcelsis - 'Tis the Season (Of Love)

Hear The Track Here

Another new name to me this month, Xcelsis come to me through my Rebelriffs blog and an email that states 'My name is Bradford Johnson, and I recently started an 80s spoof/satire band called "Xcelsis'. Hi Brad, but a spoof 80's band? Man, do you know how to pique my curiousity or what? Personally I really liked huge parts of the 1980's music scene, especially the electro-pop variety although - as with most decades - it did contain it's horrors too. Many of us look back at the 1980's as being a bit of special period; there was punk, ska, rock, and emerging synth based bands like ABC and the Human Leagure, Soft Cell and Depeche Mode.

Aaaah glory days....

Ahem, where were we? About the only way you can hear this band is by viewing their video at either the website linked above, or at You Tube, and out of the two I do suggest You Tube because it is a very, very decent video - if you like that sort of thing. Mind you, better to realise that the band have their tongues firmly in their cheeks (Ed: I pray to God he his making a humorous reference here and not a sexual one) and when they say spoof, better believe they mean it. The video is 'Tis the Season (Of Love) from their two track Digital Yuletide single which you can gaze longingly at because it will cost you money to buy it, best to check out the video first eh?

Took me a while to discover that these guys were serious about the spoof aspect because my first reaction was not good. It was only when I realised that the track they were playing was an incredible pastiche of Deck The Halls With Holly and some unknown 80's electropop sensation - even down to the ubiquitous syn drum sound. They have the look and feel down so well, even the female dancers look and move exactly as they would have back in the day. Obviously this would have gone down well around Christmas but its quirky and funny enough with many laugh out loud moments (the girl dancing in the front room, the onstage band's big hair, the way they recreate that 1980's seriousness). Wouldn't mean squat mind if the music wasn't up to scratch but it is, this is an excellently produced and realised song with so many echoes its not funny.

Well worth a watch I say. Excellent LOL 80's Pastiche. Highly Recommended

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