Friday, January 09, 2009

The Antennaheadz - The Head's in the Hands and its Late At Night

Hear The Track Here

It was pure serendipity that placed this track alongside Fear 2 Stop's Spiralin' Down in the review schedule but led me to some interesting observations about life as a reviewer on Soundclick. When I moved my reviews from another site to Soundclick in early 2003, I instantly became aware that two bands would prove to be incredibly hard work to review; one was Fear 2 Stop and the other was called Station For Imitation. They were hard work because both bands insisted on doing it their way and when you are talking about experimental electronica, hard work, pain and aural torture are the first words that spring to mind. I'm glad that I didn't cut them up too much in their early reviews because they have both turned into something a bit special; F2S because they are who they are, and Station for Imitation for what he (it was a one man show) was to become. Who'd have thought, back then, that the young guy behind SFI would snag my Artist Of The Year award for 2008?

Yep, who'da thunk it!

Despite scurrilous rumours to the contrary I devote enormous amounts of time, patience and care in choosing my Artist Of The Year and I think - over the years - my choices have been vindicated time and again. What I look for most in terms of that award is originality and I don't think anyone could dispute that Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) is about as original as it gets right now. Following hot on the heels of his tremendously successful Chameleon Dish Archive EP, Let Them Down Gently, The Head appears to be a track from a forthcoming album from this artist. Yay indeed. Even more yay to the pound if this kind of intensity and exhuberant performing is going to be the underlying premise for that upcoming set. Just be thankful that once awarded a AOTY, it is impossible to get another. I say this because I have a feeling that Glorified Failure (the name of the new project) is going to be one of the highlights of this year too.

The first time I heard this, it took me 30 minutes to finally re-attach my jaw to my face, not to mention the 10 minutes I spent fishing it out from under the couch where it had bounced as it hit the floor. This musician hit a creative high with Loveless Blues (October 2007) that shows absolutely no sign of stopping. Judging by My Head's In My Hands... its set to get a damn sight stronger. Now I know I have become a bit of a slave to this artist but there is no denying - whatever you might feel about the roughness of the sound - the power and intensity he brings to bear. It's a deceptively simple track, it really doesn't have much going on musically (guitar and vocals) but what comes out the other side is an incredibly mature performance from an ever more confident and assured vocalist and songwriter. Whatever you do, make sure you have your jaw taped up tight before you listen to it.

That's all. MUST HAVE. That's all.

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