Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pilesar - Care (with Marcus Sjoland)

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T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring - except my white haired ol' mum and me, She wasn't stirring anything, not even her tea; merely staring at the wall and listening to the milk curdle. It was a while before I realised that the claw flapping in my face meant that the old dear wanted to speak to me. 'what the bleeding hell is that you are listening to?' she screamed hard enough to curdle the milk, the cheese and next doors love life. I had made the mistake, ya see, of trying to listen to review tracks while doing the family duty. Always a bad move. So after spending three hours explaining that a Pilesar is definitely not anything Pulsar-like, or even Pilestar-like, she made me give her my Ipod so that she could listen to it as well.

I'll never forget that blank eyed stare as long as I live.

Quite why Care tipped her over the edge, I am still puzzling over. I could have played her any amount of Pilesar tracks that could REALLY curdle milk (and her brain) but no, she entered a coma to the sweet strains of Big Ship's distinctive vocals. To clear out some of the fog that has obscured this review, this is the second collaboration that the Pilesar one has done with the artist formerly known as Big Ship. Marcus Sjoland (aka Big Ship) was hugely popular on Soundclick a few years ago, with his lo-fi but wonderfully realised pop tunes that brightened up many a day. As did the first collab between these veryy different artists. When I reviewed Sorry (September 2008) it was like a blast of fresh air and a much welcome return for a SC prodigal son. It also, btw, got one of my Tracks Of The Year 2008 awards which should tell you how much I liked it.

Like his involvement with The Antennaheadz in their lo-fi guise, a collab between the Prince of weird and a laid back Scandanavian singer/songwriter sounds weird on paper but works a treat when listening to the final thing. Care has a lot of the same elements as Sorry, and a lot of the whimsy too. If anything, I think Care is actually the stronger song but that may just be my own euphoria and it will turn out to be merely similar. Not sure who is doing what on this track mind, but I fancied I heard the Pilesar pipes in there as some kind of backing vocal - but I'm prepared to be wrong. Always the best attitude when driving Pilesars... It looks like this is going to an album at some point and that is definitely going to be worth looking forward to.

Excellent acoustic whimsy. Highly Recommended lo-fi Alternative.

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