Saturday, January 31, 2009

Confusion Said - What Lies Ahead

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When I saw this in the review list this month, bells immediately rang. I know that name, I thought, with a familiar sinking feeling. Now that's usually an indicator that I have given an artist a bad time OR it means that they made a particular impression on me. Obviously then my first thought was to delve back into past reviews and lo and behold there they were - and with a Must Have rating too!! Yep, panic attack over. Thank God I didn't trash them because I hate crawling back from those kinds of reviews. I may have a reputation for being a lenient reviewer (in most cases) but when I cut up rough, it usually takes more than ice and a band aid to make the boo boo well again.

Uh oh, kid talk. Better stop that.

Steve Calapp is the most visible name on the bands website but I know from past experience that they are in fact a three peice; Steve Dominguez and Josh Bechere being the other two. Steve (Calapp) is an old friend and one I am never tired of hearing because he has a consummate rock voice and the experience to use it to best effect. It helps that Confusion Said are - at base - yer old fashioned rock band band so don't be put off by that Alternative:Avant Rock rating - this is rock in all its Stone Age glory. I harked back to famous trios in past reviews (Cream being the most obvious one) but surprisingly enough this track reminded me very strongly of someone not so famous - but every bit as influential. The late Rory Gallager was an Irish guitarist who had his own highly recognisable style who inspired millions with his interpretation of the blues, here is a typical live track.

Obviously What Lies Ahead isn't quite the blues but listen to some of Rory's out and out rock stuff (there are TONS of clips on You Boob) and come back and listen to this and you'll see what I mean. One of the things I loved about Find Another Way (February 2008) was the relentlessly shifting arrangement and What Lies Ahead is the logical follow-up; immensely dense and detailed, the kind of rock track I would always clutch to my puny bosom. Like it's predecessor, What Lies Ahead was already a Soundclick Number 1 (not something easily achieved in rock, believe me) so that should give you some indication of the quality on display here. Mind you, when you are only squeezing out one track a year, may as well make sure it's a stone killer...

MUST HAVE Rock. VERY impressive.

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