Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ben Brown - Suit and Tie Commuter

Hear The Track Here

I have a very soft spot for UK-specific hiphop/rap, so if you tie that in with a track that is raising money for MS sufferers, a review has to be a shoo-in. Ben Brown is a new MP3 Unsigned artist to me although he has been on that site under another name which, btw is also new to me. Anyhow, Suite and Tie Commuter is part of a six track EP MS Fundraiser, make a donation of at least five pounds and you get the EP for free. More information on that can be found at Ben's Just Giving page. Now that's what I call a good deal, supporting two great things at once; a very worthwhile charidee AND your local musician.

The only question left to answer? Is the music any good.

Anyone who has heard The Streets will instantly recognise what Ben has come up with, especially seeing as they both appear to be vowel stretchers (saaaaaarf for south). That is an unfair comparison though and I am sure Ben is already hot around the collar so no more of that. Like a lot of rap artists, he neglects to post anything online in the way of lyrics and if you are a bit thrown by broad London accents and slang you may have a hard time following everything. As a London resident myself, I obviously appreciate the humour and style Ben brings to the track 'The same lunch time breaks, and the guys you want to punch in the face' is a sentiment I heartily relate to...

Musically, there isn't a lot to the track, most of the track coming from a Rhodes piano line, a bass and drums but it does fit the dour, bitter style the track is couched in. Obviously a whinge sheet about the joys (NOT) of the daily grind as a wage slave, Suit and Tie Commuter does carry that sense of helplessness that is so familiar to almost everyone in the western word. The hidden anger at the way the chips have fallen, the quiet desperation of a large slice of humanity. Despite ALL of that, it's a surprisingly good listen, especially if you are a fan of pure UK hiphop.

Recommended UK hiphop rap.

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