Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mechanik Project - Bombay Vampires

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Way back in the early days of the internet music scene when MODs were the name of the game, I got hooked on a program called Fast Tracker which made life for people with less than no professional kit (ie me) a lot easier. The tracker/MOD scene at the time was pretty much the ONLY musical scene around and as such threw up some brilliant talents (Dr Awesome, Necromancer, U4ia, and many more). It ultimately led to the enormous music scene we inhabit today and - as such - is a very relevant subject of study considering that most tracks were a puny 8bits and almost always had to be as small a filesize as possible. The music that came out of that scene was anything but puny and I do recommend you do some digging into this subject because there will be a test later...

Joke! Don't look so scared!

The reason I flew off at such a tangent is because a) Mechanik Project is from Tuomo in Finland, home of some of the very best 'trackers' from back in the day and; b) because this artist has a fan by the name of U4ea - all of which leaves me wondering, is there really a connection or am I reaching here? Certainly the musical side of Bombay Vampires harks back to those earlier times when Drum and Bass was completely underground. Although you may be forgiven for thinking otherwise Bombay Vampires is a very hefty slice of drums and bass once you get past the kinda/sorta world intro. Be prepared to get roughed up a bit because - like all class DnB - this track pelts along as if its ass is on fire.

Personally, I do like Drums and Bass and usually the more hardcore type too, having been weaned on the stuff since its beginnings and Bombay Vampires is exactly what I would have chosen to best illustrate what the genre has to offer. It isn't, of course, everyone's cup of tea but if you like your music hard as a rock and faster than greased lightning you are going to find much to love in this excellent - if slightly repetitive - outing. Kudos also to Mechanik Project for the terrific production job which is best heard at extremely high volumes; as it should be. Up until this point, Mechanik Project has been a new name to me but this track will definitely change that. Maximum high energy DnB.

Mmmmmm. Recommended

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